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  • Fits 2005+ Mustangs
  • 1" inlet/outlet
  • Simple do-it-yourself bolt on installation
  • Works with Whipple, Kenne Bell, Roush, Magnuson, Edelbrock, and VMP superchargers
  • Works with air-water intercoolers on Vortech centrifugal superchargers
  • High efficient triple-pass design cools the water three times for lower temperatures vs. OEM single pass
  • Increases horsepower due to intake temperature drop compared to stock
  • Drop in intake temperatures at wide open throttle due to improved capacity
  • Cool-down in the staging lanes possible by running fans and pump
  • Quicker cool down in between runs at the track
  • Helps prevent heat soak and detonation due by reducing intake temps
  • Moves the intercooler pump out of the grill for improved airflow
  • Increases coolant capacity
  • Furnace brazed core (no epoxies) with beautifully tig welded tank construction
  • Dual 11" fans provide the ultimate in airflow at all vehicle speeds
  • Each unit is pressure-tested before shipped
  • Additional plug and play wiring harness needed for installation (can be purchased separately)
  • 13.25" tall x 28" wide x 2" thick (measurements don't include fans, mounting brackets, or inlet/outlet)

Looking for an easy solution to reduce heat soak and detonation in your 2005+ Mustang? The easy to install VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger with dual 11" fans provides three times the cooling exposure to help you maintain maximum performance! 

The VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger with it's 13" tall core is the largest and most affordable cooling solution in the industry. Its exclusive triple pass technology passes the water through the huge core three times, keeping temperatures as low as possible. The cooler intake temps will make your supercharged 5.0 L Mustang perform better with more timing and power. 

Engineered and developed to keep temperatures low, the VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger for 2005+ Mustangs has been track and dyno tested. The VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger keeps temps low enough to maintain consistent power output even during a 20-minute high-speed on-track session on brutal 90*F Florida days. 

Built with the largest core possible under the stock bumper, large 11" dual-fans keep air moving over the core at low speeds, stoplights, and in the staging lanes. The fans are essential to making a larger heat exchanger work. 

A critical upgrade for high compression Coyote and Roadrunner 5.0 L engines, when running 10 psi or more of boost. 

Easy to install, the VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger can be installed in a few hours in your garage. 

Includes: (1) VMP Triple Pass Heat Exchanger with 1" inlet/outlet and 11" Spal fans,  mounting hardware, (1) Z-bracket

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