Thitek Complete CNC 2.165"/1.65" Beehive Heads - 100-2165

Regular price $3,499.99

This is a completely new casting made of A356 material. This material is approximately 2x the strength as an OE cylinder head.

All heads will be drilled for both left and right exhaust bolt pattern and oil drain backs. This allows for heads to be interchangeable from side to side and also gives turbocars additional bolt holes for header flanges. One oil return will be plugged using a NPT plug to avoid leaks.

The deck thickness has been increased and additional features added for strengthening of the cylinder head deck. Port wall thickness has been increased inside port and water jacket side, this allows for different port shapes (smaller or larger) and adds strength to cylinder head. Ductile Iron valveseats are used in all heads unless upgraded to Copper Beryllium. Bronze valve guides are standard, however exhaust can be upgraded to steel with a liner for certain applications. All holes are tapped using a Form Tap, increased tread strength over General Purpose taps. Reinforced rocker arm pedestals. CNC Machined Intake ports, Exhaust Ports and Combustion Chambers. Stock intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, spark plugs,valve covers, coil packs and accessories can be used. Option to run Dual valve springs over a beehive springs Optional 6 bolt pattern is available. Will require block modifications and possible exhaust modifications Made in the USA!

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