EMP Scatpack Stage 1 Package
Extreme muscle performance

EMP Scatpack Stage 1 Package

Regular price $1,915.00

This Stage 1 Package will make 50-70rwhp, it includes:

1. JLT Intake 6.4L  

2. ARH Catless mid pipes

3. Mishimoto T-stat

4. OEM Unlocked PCM

5. Hptuners MPVI2 device 

5. Custom Engine & Trans tune

**If you already have one or more of the parts listed above, we will deduct our cost from the balance, please contact us to do so and we will manually send you a revised invoice to your email. 

Email: mrsteamhellcat@outlook.com

Just for verification include your shipping address as well, as the one we’ll receive after payment may differ. Thank you** 

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