ProTorque 8HP90 Torque Converter Hellcat
Pro Torque

ProTorque 8HP90 Torque Converter Hellcat

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ProTorque's specialty is custom-built high performance torque converters. Why do you need a ProTorque custom-built torque converter instead of an off-the-shelf converter from someone else? Every modified car or truck is different. Total vehicle weight, engine torque, gear ratio, tire size and transmission type all make a large difference in optimizing a torque converter for a given application.

That's why Pro Torque builds a custom torque converter for virtually every individual application. It takes a little more time and effort, but ProTorque's customers expect the best.

Special Features:
  • Furnace brazed and welded fins
  • Computer Balancing
  • Torrington thrust bearings
  • Anti-ballooning plates
  • Ceramic carbon impregnated clutches
  • Hardened billet splines
  • Billet front covers
  • Pressure tested
  • Hardened pump drives
  • Hand-milled stators
ProTorque's most popular models are designed for performance street and occasional track use. They utilize efficient, high-torque multiplication cores and stall speed increases of 400-600rpm depending upon HEMI application.

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