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ProCharger 2015 - 2020 Jeep Cherokee 5.7L HEMI Supercharger Kit

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2011 - 2014 Jeep Cherokee 5.7L HEMI 

Jeeps are known worldwide as the do everything vehicles. Whether off-roading, hill climbing, taking the kids to soccer practice or somewhere in-between–Jeeps do it all. ProCharging your 5.7L Grand Cherokee takes the performance of the daily driver to a new level with the complete intercooled systems and tuner kits adding 160+ hp to the 5.7L power plant at just 7 psi. That's more power than a stock 392 Challenger!

ProCharger systems are easy to bolt on with common hand tools and after only one afternoon in the garage, you can have a supercharged HEMI monster. These supercharger systems are designed to leave no permanent modifications to your vehicle. That means no cutting, no trimming, and no bending is needed to achieve this OEM fit and finish. Full systems come complete with a handheld programmer to get you up and running fast, with smooth drivability and tons of reliable power.

ProCharger is the undisputed leader in forced induction for modern HEMI-powered cars, trucks and SUV's. For over a decade we have been adding safe and reliable boost with great power gains.


No matter if you are looking to add a bit more "fun" to your daily commute or possibly that extra "grunt" when you tow, this new ProCharger supercharger system delivers up to 160+ horsepower. For those of you that did the math that puts you OVER the rating of the SRT 6.4L Grand Cherokees (at a fraction of the price). Our system also creates sports car like 0-60 mph times, it can only be described as a true "sleeper" of an SUV.

7 psi intercooled boost coming from the highly efficient P-1SC-1 head unit and premium pump gas you can enjoy that HUGE gain in power. In addition, you can have confidence in the reliability that ProCharger delivers in their power gains and ECM programming for years and years of trouble free performance. ProCharger has been setting the bar for decades on intercooled centrifugal supercharged performance and still does today. Our air-to-air intercooler is the key to keeping inlet air temps to a minimum and power and reliability at a maximum.

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