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This NX Dual Stage direct port system provides the ultimate in cylinder to cylinder distribution. This system utilizes the patented NX Shark nozzles! Nitrous system comes complete with nitrous bottle, 8 aluminum / carbon fiber Lightning fuel solenoids, stainless bottle brackets, stainless hard lines, 16 nozzles, jetting, and all necessary electrical components. This system requires the drilling and tapping of intake manifold.

This system includes the latest technology and the best components available. For you tech hungry junkies we will provide some details explaining what makes this nitrous system so great. The key to maximizing nitrous horsepower is to keep the nitrous in a dense liquid form until it is injected into the engine. Sharp bends in the nitrous flow path cause the nitrous flow to become turbulent which causes gaseous bubbles to form in the flowing nitrous. Dense liquid nitrous makes more power than gaseous nitrous Period! This NX nitrous system contains the key components that ensure you are getting maximum power per pound of nitrous used. Read on and we will explain.

NX Lightning solenoids feature an improved flow path that allows nitrous / fuel to enter above the seat and exit out the bottom for flow unmatched by any other solenoid on the market. Lightning nitrous solenoids feature an integrated purge port which allows you to connect a purge valve directly to the body of the nitrous solenoid. Purging through the body of the solenoid eliminates the air pocket between the purge valve and the solenoid orifice. Lightning fuel solenoids feature a fuel bypass port which allows you to connect a small return line to the tank. This eliminates trapped air between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel solenoid which eliminates the lean spike associated with other solenoids. Lightning Series solenoids feature CNC aluminum bodies topped with Carbon Fiber cans for the ultimate in weight savings. Nitrous Express only uses the highest quality, made in the USA components in its solenoids. Do not be fooled by low price come-ons, the solenoids are the most important component of a nitrous system.

The billet aluminum Lightning 500 bottle valve not only looks great; It is packed with features including an integrated gauge port, an integrated push port, a large .500 orifice and a direct flow path. The Lightning 500 bottle flows great and weighs nearly one full pound less than our old style NX 45 valve.

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