Hellion Turbos

Hellion 2017+ Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Twin Turbo System

Regular price $8,995.00

What’s better than a supercharged Camaro ZL1? A twin turbo Camaro ZL1! While the factory supercharger system makes for a fun daily driver, our twin turbo system makes it even better. Ditch the supercharger, swap the intake manifold, install the Hellion kit and call it a day. Modified fuel systems and supporting mods will allow up to 1000whp on pump gas and 1200+whp on race gas.

System Highlights:

  • Top mount stainless turbo headers
  • Twin Precision 6266 CEA® turbos (v-band inlet for easy installation)
  • Large vertical flow core intercooler (highest flow bar/plate core available)
  • Twin Precision 40mm wastegates (v-band inlet for easy installation)
  • Dual blow-off valves standard (hear that rush every time you hit the throttle!)
  • All necessary heat protection included in the system (optional ceramic coating available)


  • More Power Potential
  • Easier On Your Engine
  • Factory Fitment
  • Retention of All Accessories
  • Unsurpassed Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty On All Stainless Parts
  • Horsepower Capable: 1200+


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