Fore innovation LX/LC/LD Triple Pump Module

Fore innovation LX/LC/LD Triple Pump Module

Regular price $600.00
  • Fits 2005+ LX, LC, LD
  • Triple pump module
  • Supports 1800+ rwhp
  • Use with upgraded fuel lines only
  • E85 and race fuel compatible (see pump manufacturer recommendations on fuel compatibility)
  • O-ring feed and return ports (may be plugged for returnless operation)
  • Multiple fuel pump options to accommodate 1800+ rwhp
  • NEW Anodized black for maximum corrosion resistance
  • NEW Polymer pump support minimizes pump noise and eliminates electrolysis
  • NEW Dissimilar pump compatible to minimize fuel heat while retaining maximum performance
  • No permanent modifications necessary to vehicle
  • Hermetic wire pass through, absolutely no chance for fuel smells/leaks
  • OEM level sender retains original position and orientation
  • Retains complete capacity of fuel system, even at low fuel levels

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