DSS 2012+ Pro-Level Axles WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8- RA7310X5/RA7311X5

Regular price $1,679.00

Now available from The Driveshaft Shop, the new Pro-Level Axles for the 2012+ Grand Cherokee SRT8. If you want the very best and strongest axle available for this platform, this is it- second to none. This axle is designed for a real race car that just happens to be street driven. The inner and outer CV we have developed use a modified Porsche style 108mm CV that we have put custom made fully REM polished internals and our torsional 300M chromoly axle bars that have been used in every record breaking IRS car out today. Inner and outer CV's are our new 2-piece billet flanges with a 300M spline section to fit into the differential and wheel hubs. You must re-use your factory ABS tone rings. These are a direct bolt-in and there are no modifications needed for installation. 1 Year Warranty.

Part Number: RA7310X5/RA7311X5

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