A2Speed / Thitek 6.1 HEMI CNC Ported Heads

A2Speed / Thitek 6.1 HEMI CNC Ported Heads

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These high performance heads feature new PSI conical valve spring, tool steel high performance retainers, upgraded Viton valve seals, and new locators. The CNC port is done by the same company that brought the first 100% aftermarket ported head to the GEN III HEMI market. The valve seats are cut on a multi angle Serdi valve machine. These Thitek CNC Ported 6.1L HEMI heads are capable of up .625” gross lift with the PSI’s 1511 Valve Springs. Higher lift cams will require the use of PSI’s higher lift spring. Get your heads ported today by the industry leader in high performance late mode HEMI heads.


  • CNC Ported by Thitek (Creator of the Famous 100% Aftermarket CNC Ported Bear Heads)
  • Multi Angle Valve job on a Serdi Valve Machine
  • PSI 1511 Valve Springs
  • Tool Steel High Performance Retainers
  • New Locators
  • Performance Prepped Valve Guides
  • Upgraded Viton Valve Seals


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