Metco MCP2005 Overdrive Crank Pulley 2005+ Mustang

Metco MCP2005 Overdrive Crank Pulley 2005+ Mustang

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Overdrive Crank Pulley

2005 & Newer Mustang 3V with Supercharger, 8-Rib Belt

This overdrive crank pulley assembly is designed for 3V Mustangs equipped with an aftermarket supercharger.  The pulley is oversized (approximately 12%) to provide additional blower speed while avoiding the belt slippage issues associated with smaller supercharger pulleys.

The assembly is based on a new, OEM Ford harmonic balancer, which is precision-machined at our shop to accept the 7.55" billet overdrive pulley ring.  The two components are fastened together using six silver-zinc plated Grade 8 bolts (not shown). 

This pulley assembly installs as a direct replacement for the factory component, and is compatible with both 6 and 8-rib drive belts.  A longer supercharger belt and additional tuning may be required.  In most applications, there will be a gain of 2-4 lbs of boost.

The original balancer bolt is a torque-to-yield fastener, and while it can be useful to pull the new balancer onto the crankshaft, it should not be re-used.  A new Ford balancer bolt and hardened washer is available as an option when purchasing this balancer (see below).  

Note:  While this balancer assembly was designed for the 2005-2010 3V application, we have found that it also fits most 2V and 4V applications using the same drive belt for the accessories and the supercharger.  In some applications, minor grinding of the crank sensor bracket is necessary for clearance.  Please contact us if you have questions.

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