Brisk Racing Silver Plugs - RR12S

Brisk Racing Silver Plugs - RR12S

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Brisk Non-Projected Spark Plug RR12S for 2011-2016 Mustang GT

For 80 years Brisk has carried a tradition of being the best.  Brisk offers unique, custom tailored products specific to the needs of the consumer and the application being built/used.  With this in mind, Brisk has covered virtually all of our customer’s requirements for a better performing spark plug.  Whether its life longevity and low cost spark plugs for your everyday drivers or maximum efficiency and durability in a more specific, high performance application, Brisk has the ideal solution for your needs.  We even cater to marine and motorsport applications including but not limited to motorcycles, ATV’s, go-karts, and even lawnmowers if that’s what you’re using.  If it requires a spark plug, we have a product for it!

Brisk USA is the ideal solution for all your spark plug needs. Our focus is to provide solutions to the general public, Performance and Racing Industry as well as the OEM Automotive and auto parts warehouses with products that will not only work, but will perform better than anything else available. The most prominent example of this is the Ford Modular 3-Valve platforms spark plug replacement. Brisk USA was the first in the world to offer a single piece spark plug billet design to eliminate the factory spark plugs from breaking off in the engine cylinder head. This is just one of the many examples of our goal at Brisk which is to be the best and offer the best to our customers.

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